Le Roux Group



With a vision for creating social and economic upliftment through agriculture, the Le Roux Group was founded by J F le Roux.

The farm Mooikelder was established in the early 1800s and has been in the Le Roux Family since 1913. Since 1994, the Le Roux Group has acquired wheat farms that have been converted into the fruit-producing estates known as Broodkraal and Sandrivier.

Today the Le Roux Group is a proud grower, packer and exporter of world-class table grapes and stone fruit. Currently in excess of 3.2 million cartons of fruit are exported annually, whilst employing up to 6 200 people.



Le Roux Group grape packing systems are based on the MARCO Trac-IT products. The system is designed to maximise productivity, ensure accuracy and consistency, and monitor performance.

The data generated from MARCO’s systems also provide real-time reporting, allowing management to make informed decisions about all aspects of packing operations.


Quality is our main priority

Our farming practices support sustainability and follow internationally accepted production guidelines. Our packing and cooling services meet recognised food, safety and ethical standards, as well as customer specifications. In producing fruit of the highest standard, we partner with certified brands and bodies.